About Us

Achieving Results

Regardless of the market, product or strategy, CRA helps maximize property profit.

Campus Realty Advisors is an entrepreneurial real estate investment advisory firm focusing on the acquisition, development and asset management of private student housing near university campuses. The Principals have over 50 years of combined real estate experience and have worked together on student housing opportunities since 2002.

CRA follows a dual strategy including the purchase of existing student housing communities with value creation through property upgrades and market repositioning, and selective development of uniquely located and positioned student housing. Campus Realty works closely with institutional and fund investors, high net worth investors, universities and foundations to provide quality living environments for students throughout the United States.


Randy Herron

Principal and Founder

Randy has been in the real estate business for over twenty-five years with national and regional real estate development and service companies. In addition to many years in the student housing business, he has a background in virtually all sectors including multi-family, office, retail, and residential with broad experience in financial and property services. Randy has been responsible for asset management, finance, property operations, accounting, and human resources among other roles.

Michael Putman

Principal and Founder

Michael’s career covers over twenty years of directing property & asset management, leasing, sales, due diligence and operations assessments for regional and national real estate companies. Michael has a strong track record of increasing occupancy, reducing operating costs and improving financial returns within highly competitive metro, suburban and college markets. He has overseen both the management of over 17,000 student housing beds and 4,500 conventional units along with the due diligence of over 27,000 apartment units throughout the United States.

Path to Real Estate Success

CRA’s market knowledge, deep relationships and proven operational methods will help any student housing owner, investor and operator enhance the value of their properties and portfolios.

Deep Relationships

CRA’s Principals have been involved in student apartments for many year through the evolution to the current purpose-built student housing model. We have maintained solid capital, operations and market relationships over decades in many cases. These relationships allow us to quickly assess a market and the players to determine the potential of any opportunity. We’re quick to help others as they figure out a deal with the mutual understanding that such collaboration will be returned in the future.

Proven Methods

It is no secret that one of the biggest keys to student housing success is operations management. There are numerous unique aspects to this asset class that requirement a specific depth of knowledge and experience. CRA’s team has driven all aspects of student operations, marketing, finance and development over many years provided access to best practices in all areas. This allows us to quickly assess any challenge and turn it into an opportunity. CRA’s investors and partners gain the benefit of this experience in every acquisition and development opportunity..

Experienced Team

CRA’s Principals have over 50 years of experience in the real estate industry with much of that specifically in student housing. Randy Herron is a CPA and attorney which brings a unique perspective and efficiency to a variety of asset management and development functions. Michael Putman has been involved in student housing property management, asset management and due diligence for his entire career. This depth of experience allows us to quickly assess any challenge or opportunity and channel it toward the most profitable result. All members of the CRA team can learn from and leverage off that depth of knowledge to provide success for our investors and clients.